Obama administration launches devious FCC plan to control all news sources in America and FAILS

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(NaturalNews) The first amendment of the Bill of Rights states that “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom… of the press.” The words are clear and understood, but what if it’s not Congress trying to control the press? What happens when the President and departments of the executive branch go around the Bill of Rights and begin controlling the news stories that the free press presents to the people?

New documents reveal devious controls to be carried out through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In an attempt to control freedom of the press, the FCC has authored an investigation called the “Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs” (CIN) initiative.

Proposed last May, the CIN initiative was proposed to gather information from television and radio broadcasters “to ascertain the process by which stories are selected.” Additionally, the information is collected to be used to designate station priorities” to monitor content production quality and the populations served. Furthermore CIN initiative is designated to eliminate perceived station bias and regulate “perceived percent of news dedicated to each of the eight [critical information needs] and perceived responsiveness to under-served populations.” This plan could result in FCC agents visiting newsrooms.

The FCC has identified what they believe are eight critical information needs, or key topics that the government thinks should be covered by news outlets.

The slightest idea that the federal government gets to suggest topics for media news coverage is blood curdling. If the feds control the topics of the press, then the truth can be watered down and discarded, as free press accountability dissolves.

Massive federal control is real. It’s no conspiracy. It’s already being witnessed through the implementation of federal common core standards that are being forced into the public education system. The government is gaining control of what is taught to public school children, changing minds, sculpting lives.

Imagine what a takeover of the free press might look like, with agents looking over the shoulders of reporters, deeming what is appropriate to report?

While the FCC claimed that the study is “voluntary,” they are the ones who issue licenses to the broadcasters that they seek to monitor. Compelled to comply, media outlets may go along, threatened by the thought of penalties and license revocation.

This is where the truly free press comes in to keep liberty alive. Using the internet, the new media can completely expose the lies dished out through controlled FCC-regulated media sources. Truth in media is growing fast at places like NaturalNews.com, among others who don’t feed the people a bunch of fluff.

Considering that the Department of Justice has been caught tracking the movements of reporters and bugging their phone lines, it’s obvious there’s a federal goal to control the press with intimidation and coercion.

Watch Judge Andrew Napolitano speak out against the FCC’s new plan here. In his words, “If the FCC shows up here… throw them out!”

It’s apparent that some major media outlets already comply with authoritarian demands and information controls as the truth is twisted and hidden behind curtains of coercion. Even local media can cave to local pressure. A small town reporter may be absolutely frightened to report the truth on how a fellow couple in the community were harassed and targeted by the town’s police, for fear that they too may be persecuted, labeled or targeted.

Hopefully more reporters and free media journalist will start standing up to speak the truth of what’s really going on in this country. While the FCC was positioning for its next move — to get in the newsroom and dictate the stories that can be reported to the people, public outcry has halted their devious plans. Free speech and the free press has given the federal government no option but to back down.

In the words of commissioner Ajit Pai, who has been a huge critic of the new press – suppression plan, This study would have thrust the federal government into newsrooms across the country, somewhere it just doesn’t belong. The Commission has now recognized that no study by the federal government, now or in the future, should involve asking questions to media owners, news directors, or reporters about their practices. This is an important victory for the First Amendment.”

He added: “And it would not have been possible without the American people making their voices heard. I will remain vigilant that any future initiatives not infringe on our constitutional freedoms.”

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